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Better Price Tree Service in Katy, TX


As The Better Price tree service provider in Katy, Optimum Tree Service's quality is top tier Service that provides 100% customer service, and are always reliable. We raise the bar in how we approach each customer needs & wants in building our service budget based on this information. Our Skilled Horticulturalist Martin Espinoza is a veteran of the tree care & landscaping field, and is always expanding his knowledge to better service his clients due to his love for the culture.

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Our local and Family owned business offers low cost, affordable Tree Trimming and Tree Removal in Katy TX for over 10 years and has brought services to both our Katy residential communities, and as well as our Industrial and commercial Districts. We offer tree services that cater to commercial Landscaping, and Apartment complex lot Care. Our Services include quick, and consumer resident awareness, and keep our Staff and equipment out of the way and allow for smooth traffic. Our Apartment Complex Tree Services, keep all the trees and shrubs clean, and symmetrical, removing areas that are damaged or unsightly. 

Here is a list of our Quality Tree Services

High Quality, Professional Service


Not only do we leave the apartment lot clean, we also review the lot with the complex manager, making notes to alter or make adjustments according to their wishes. Just like are Apartment home complex land and lot care, we also provide meticulous tree care and landscaping for our commercial properties. In some Industrial areas there may be a lack of vegetation, but not such a lack that there isn't a need for weekly maintenance. From small trees and Shrub care and maintenance we also can clean up loose leaves and broken branches that can occur from daily weather. We leave the property clean and professional, keeping with a High expectation of image and securing the brand standards.

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Katy Tree Trimming

Katy Tree Pruning

Katy Tree Cutting

Katy Tree Removal

Katy Dead Tree Removal

Katy Stump Removal

Katy Land & Lot Clearing

We offer round the clock emergency Katy dispatch for any fallen tree or emergency tree removal all year. If you are in need of emergency service call us now!

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Best Priced Tree Service In Katy TX

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We offer our commercial and residential the same treatment of services like : Tree Trimming, that ranges from exterior crown reduction, interior crown thinning, and many levels of pruning. We also offer discounted tree removal that covers dead tree removal, stump removal, deadwood removal, Crown cutting, and raising the tree canopy to list but a few of our services.


Optimum Tree Service is a tree company that takes great pride in offer the absolute best in professional tree Care. We offer tree trimming and removal solutions that not only work with in the clients budgets but also in customer satisfaction. We are the Better Price tree service provider Katy residents and commercial companies can utilize. We will Save you money at the bottom line, and provide Fully Licenced and Insured Tree Service that will secure any property while we perform any tree related care, and all the damages that could/may happen ( most likely never, we have a extremely low accident rate for our 10 years of service).  We are the absolute best Tree Cutting Company in Katy TX that your hard earned money can buy. Don't Delay and call us for all your Tree Service Needs, Keeping Our Beautiful Community Valuable!

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Optimum Tree Service' Sets a company standard to achieve 100 % customer satisfaction for all our Clients both Residential and Commercial. We OFFER the BEST Prices for Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Removal and Landscaping.  

Tree trimming is known as one of the most common ways to maintain a tree, this process can help the tree structural integrity, by removing lose or broken branches. Keeps the tree aesthetically pleasing and in some case allows air to freely flow thru the leaves. The amazing thing about tree trimming is, it can raise your property value by 15% to 30%. How you may ask, presentation! No one wants to buy a home that looks scary or a invested "fixer upper". Having a beautiful landscape and well groomed trees, invites warmth and sentiments of peace which is valuable to the future tenants. 

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Tree Pruning can be used to remove branches that show a risk of falling, and regular pruning stimulates growth. This happens in for of suckles ( branch sprouts), which fills a trees crown making it more attractive and healthy. If properly maintained pruning can have a great effect on your landscapes appeal and health. Unfortunately not all pruning is equal, and you may have an inexperienced tree man over prune or make improper cuts, that cause more damage to the tree, if not corrected could lead to a stress tree inviting bugs and fungi to devour it, or shorten the tree's life cycle.

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Tree Removal are a necessity in this industry for many reason, Sometimes trees just grow old. We normally think of trees as a long living entity that can live 100s of years some even 1000s of years, yet there are some that only live 50 years and even 20 years. That's not very long, once a tree dies it can pose many problems from attracting wood eating bugs that can be very evasive. They also bring Rodents and unwanted reptiles, which could be carrying diseases.  For this reason we suggest removal of a dead tree. Other times a tree may need to be taken down is thru disease or bug infestation. Early detection and removal of the tree is suggested to prevent from spreading to other near by trees. More often than not  removal of a tree could be also to free up resources in the soil for other plants or preferred trees. There are many times that trees grow to close to buildings, new structures, and pose a danger to damaging  them. Our expert team of tree removal specialist, are well trained, experienced, and put a mandate of proper use of safety equipment, can tackle any tree removal, no matter the height or density of the tree.

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Optimum Tree Service also provides out of this world land and lot tree removal plus storm debris clearing. We go the extra mile and haul away all the extra brush and debris to the proper city disposal depositories.

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If you a have one of these (see image to the right) in your yard, you got a Stump problem, we can removed upto 12 inches deep and remove the core and majority of the root system of a dead stump. We offer competitive pricing for our removals, call now for details.

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Professional Tree Care


We Service Golf Courses And Their Community homes & Property. Not everything can be handled by the on hand golf course landcare keepers. At times some tree care and lawncare may need the experience of a tree horticulturist. Trees that look unsightly, damaged due to weather, or even clearing up more area for lot expansion. Optimum Tree Service can provides these services in  an Affordable and professional manner leaving all of our Katy local clients satisfied. 

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Residential Tree Service in your Neighborhood

To add to your wellbeing and prosperity, create shade and beauty with the tree in your land.  Maintaining the trees, to become full and healthy colors of green. Controlling the growth and shape of a tree's crown, can keep a tree from becoming overgrown. If a tree grows out to long their long branches can break due to the strain of weight the over brush of leaves. Let us maintain your landscape and bring back the beauty that is your yard or home. Call us  for your free estimate and let us be your "Tree Guy".

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Best Priced Tree Service

In Katy TX

 Commercial Landscaping in Katy TX

Commercial districts and business properties always need to keep their exterior to maintain a proper image, one that is inviting. Business like this need constant upkeep, Our Optimum Tree Service Landscaping service we can properly maintain any area quickly and safely. Just like the many business that fail, due to terrible presentation and maintenance, it is crucial to have the right Crew for the right JOB. Call us today for your free evaluation.


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Here is a page dedicated to our loyal customers, drop by leave a review or testimony. We offer great incentives for using our tree service company!

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Tree Trimming Service

We offer affordable tree trimming service for all our Houston residents and Houston Business  Districts. If you are looking for the better prices in the tree trimming industry, then look know further.


Call Optimum Tree Service for your free evaluation or click on the read more link and be directed to a more detailed list of services we offer for our Tree Trimming  Service.

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Tree Removal Service

We offer affordable tree removal service for all our Houston residents and Houston Business  Districts. If you are looking for the better prices in the tree removal industry, then look know further.


Call Optimum Tree Service for your free evaluation or click on the read more link and be directed to a more detailed list of services we offer for our Tree Removal  Service.

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Stump Removal

We offer affordable Stump Removal service for all our Houston residents and Houston Business  Districts. If you are looking for the better prices in the Stump Removal industry, then look know further.


Call Optimum Tree Service for your free evaluation or click on the read more link and be directed to a more detailed list of services we offer for our Stump Removal  Service.

We are fully insured for your protection and sanctity, you will find our prices are very competitive and affordable. We await the opportunity to provide you with our highly professional and excellent quality tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree removals services.

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